b00bs  [C54]5teel wins [b00bs] EURO Uptown TS 1v1 tournament
[C54]5teel deservedly won the inaugural 1v1 [b00bs]Euro Uptown TS 1v1 tournament. He beat -21- Upiorny Odkurczak clearly in the finals and is the top of the 40 contenders that had the balls to sign up. Congratulations to 5teel for his deserved win. He played fair throughout the tournament and showcased exemplary sportsmanship in all his matches.

GTV demo 1:
GTV demo 2:

A big shoutout to KarlMariaSeeberg who came up with the tournament and got all the regulars to sign up.

Congratulations 5teel!

Here is the final ranking of the tournament:

1 5teel
2 Upiorny
3 Hans_L
4 Lexter
5 Rampage
5 LaVieja
5 non_fiction
9 Archus
9 SuisseLight
9 y0da
9 Koos
13 eddz
13 TheMaster
13 Volpe
16 NK Cell
16 hippo
16 agent_walker
16 kims
16 alka
16 RuebenSchaeler
16 Fenix
16 lovelytomato
16 hanswurst
25 Sunra
26 justagirl
26 hadouken
26 uglybetty
29 oldman
29 drunk_kay
29 baif
29 Ming
29 DPX
29 Ichigo
29 meska
29 badman
29 bould
29 driker
29 destorm

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written by Nebel - 01.04.2012 - 18:47


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