Urban Terror  UZ WC - [b00bs] vs nJ - crazy time broadcasted by [b00bs]Dan
UZ WC - [b00bs] vs nJ - crazy time broadcasted by [b00bs]Dan

For whatever reason I am sharing some of the crazyness that happened last night.
Probably because some of the opponents had some doubts about us.

Anyway, I know nJ stands for No Joke, but we had a lot of jokes in this match.

If you get past the low quality of the video (maybe we will re-upload with higher quality) and Danny's "weapon" tick you will be able to experience shitload of inside jokes etc

Btw, I know nJ players were wondering about the thing that happened at 10:20 time in game / 15:50 in video.
Dufi asked for unscope so I reported him the position of last enemy player. I was on bridge and clearly saw the guy (check my demo). So I called France Archus spot...
And yes, we got names on the maps for all of the favorite spots of our teammates. France Archus spot. France Orphal spot. Dufi's shop...

Links: • [b00bs] TV[b00bs]Dan @ YT[b00bs]Dan @ Twitch[b00bs] vs nJ @ UZ
written by The-spiki - 24.12.2012 - 06:24


Not a Teamspeak 3 server/bad query port

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